Wang Zhiyi


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The Mind

Wang Zhiyi
Solo Exhibition
SIMULACRA, Beijing, China, 2022

The artist sees the exhibition as a multi-act "game," and the site-specific works on display will be extended from the systemic structure of the game as the main thread. The addiction mechanism will involve the contest and control between the game's rules and the participating audience, the similarities and differences between the reading of fiction and reality, and a look at the mental panorama of the game industry's alternative constructions of light and shadow.

The works are inspired by the tricks of everyday vendors who seek to make a living and the significant facts in the real-world context. In particular, the artist assumes a peek into the plausible existence of games by projecting the shadowy obscurity of Marcel Duchamp's last work, Étant donnés: 1° la chute d'eau 2° le gaz d'éclairage, and makes a realistic spectrum choreography on the quick-pass behavior of backstage guide and visual fictions based on sound and color in digital technology.

On-site, through the artist's "reading" and "reproduction" of various games and instructions, we would gradually realize the marginal difference between the virtual and the real, and sense the fact of this game of systems: once joining in, the participant's mind would progressively become more and more coaxed by numerous probabilities and data.