Panos Dimitropoulos


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Critical Condition

Panos Dimitropoulos
Solo Exhibition
SIMULACRA, Beijing, China, 2021

This is about forgotten ideals and discovered beliefs, lost purposes and found stimulations, deviating trajectories and conforming expectations. The commonality of anxiety and the scarcity of calmness. The thrill of the chase and the disappointment of the catch. The excess of indulgence and the lack of agency. The seductive glamour of what’s ahead and the prudent elegance of what’s lef behind. The maturity of decadence and the premature loss of innocence. The duty of greatness and the burden of continuation. The inconsistency between internal needs and external musts. The energy of progress and the solace of regression. The inevitability, relentlessness and reconciliation of time constant. The impossibility of balance in a world fascinated by extremes. The search for meaning and identity in a multiverse of perpetually conflicting fragmented experiences and perceptions. The non-sustainability of speed and the loss of direction. Why go fast if there is no deadline? Why go at all if not knowing where to? The journey is more important than the destination only if there is a destination worth arriving at. The journey is more important than the destination only if it makes us better travellers.

A conceptual art exhibition on the contemporary state of deteriorating values and the decline of meaningful-ness. Engaging the viewer’s mind and perceptions while touching upon issues of anxiety, lifestyle decisions and trivial aspirations. It argues over matters such as aggressive social euphoria, uncontrollable technological overdependence, overt materialistic fascination and spiritual stagnation. Referencing on the afermath of the unprecedented pace of progress and size of greatness of our time, exemplary industriousness, normalisation of a state of constant change and overwhelming expectation for maintaining growth. It justifies but also challenges reactionary consequences such as the legitimation of instant gratification, self-absorbed obsessiveness, and an ideology of discontent and apathy. At the same time,it stresses the importance of preserving, learning from and evolving the cultural and meaningful wisdom and aesthetics of the past. More than anything, it urges the viewer to break free from the captivity of both old and new preconceptions and exercise critical thinking towards achieving discernment.