Liu Jinyi


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The Pervert's Guide to Painting

Group Exhibitions
SIMULACRA, Beijing, China, 2022

The "Curve of Desire" drawn by Lacan resembles the shape of a trilobite worm that appeared in the Cambrian period 560 million years ago. This fossil-like formula of ancient visions is revealed in the paintings by the skill of the sensitive artist, serving as a link between signs and imagination. From Paleolithic cave paintings to Renaissance church ceilings, painting endlessly pours sacred space, only to fill in the fractures. Whether it is the crucified Jesus in religious images, the giant, solid fists of peasants and workers in early socialist propaganda, or the advertisements and cartoons that abound in today's digital media, painting serves as a trap for the gaze, engaging the viewer's attention in the interaction between understanding ideology and distinguishing meaning.

Like children who cannot transcend the stage of imitating their mother's facial expressions, painters - the manufacturers of this extremely carnivorous 'perverted' art - endlessly articulate their desires and rebellion against the objects of their desire in their paintings. The subject matter, media, and formal frameworks continue to find new loopholes with the changing times, just as the Chinese translation of the iconic symbol of capitalism, "Coca-Cola," does. The intense desire of the flesh pays the price repeatedly, feverishly throwing down chips to win back the gamble that has been irreparably lost. The possibility of new aesthetics and actions is always born out of a destructive ideological rupture: comical consumer symbols, dull and wooden CGI models, and distorted cartoon images on the screen are integrated into this three-dimensional coordinate system of experience, allowing the truth underneath the nexus of reality to emerge. Human beings get a moment of solace from the illusion of painting, a moment of emptiness when the subject of our unconscious desires is at a loss. Therefore, why do we need "perverted" paintings? The purpose is to obtain a moment of freedom from a whole rigid order of reality.